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Tips for Hardwood Floor Upkeep

So, you’ve finally made a great decision to install a custom hardwood floor from Sunshine Hardwood Flooring. You’re thrilled about the color, the look and the feel, and the interior of your home looks that much better.

Your work is far from over, though. Now comes the long term key: Keeping your hardwood floor in good shape. A lack of basic maintenance could turn your beautiful wood floor into something far less appealing (and far more expensive) in short order, and it’s up to you to set the guidelines that will keep your floor looking and feeling great for decades.

Here are some tips to make sure your flooring lasts.

The Basics

The first layer of protection you bring to your hardwood floor is basic cleanliness and upkeep. Vacuuming and sweeping may sound like visual issues only, but this isn’t the case – dirt and grime buildup can cause many issues down the line if it isn’t driven out early.

Basic upkeep goes beyond just cleaning, though. You want to be sure to re-arrange furniture and rugs in a given room with a hardwood floor every year or two, to help your wood floors age evenly and with similar pressure distribution. You’d also be wise to limit UV exposure – too many of the sun’s rays can create warping and other issues. Window coverings are a simple solution here in most cases.


There are several broad themes to avoid whenever possible, as they may damage hardwood floors. Don’t walk on it with sharp heels, or shoes like cleats. Don’t use oil-based soaps or wax for cleaning, and don’t use any cleaners with acrylics or urethane involved. Stay away from harsh metal scouring pads or powders, and in general, try to get as little liquid on the hardwood floor as possible.

Preventing Larger Issues

The whole goal of basic floor upkeep is preventing any major, costly issues that may come up in the future. Everything you do should be with this goal in mind: Wipe up spills quickly, trim pets’ nails and use protective pads on the bottom of furniture. Use ice for any tougher substances like gum or wax, and don’t use metal scrapers. Use a humidifier during heating season to help wood from heating and warping.

Want to learn more? Sunshine Hardwood Flooring is your flooring expert, and our professionals are standing by to answer any and all of your questions.

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