About Us

License # RCT31029

Sunshine Hardwood Flooring is a full service hardwood flooring company in Boise, ID. Roger began his apprenticeship with wood flooring at the age of 13 while working by his fathers’ side during the summers. From the beginning, Roger has had a passion for working with wood and the beauty of hardwood flooring. After 35 years of working side by side with some of the best in the industry, Roger decided it was time to utilize that experience and establish his own company. Sunshine Hardwood Flooring believes that it is a combination of our old world craftsmanship, staying educated and informed of our industry’s’ standards, techniques and products, as well as personalized service and our final product that will set us apart from other companies in the area.

The hardwood flooring industry has become inundated with products to the point where navigating your purchases is very time consuming. If you add on to things that it is necessary to choose a qualified contractor, then the decision making really comes down to value. The one thing that separates our company from the majority is that we advise your decisions from the point of honesty and value instead of telling you what you want to hear just so that we can stay busy and sell product. Roger also continues his education and knowledge of hardwood flooring, in the field through hands on experience as well as by networking with other master craftsman.

Sunshine Hardwood Flooring is a wood flooring contractor in Ada County that specializes in hardwood floor installation, dustless hardwood floor refinishing, custom wood floor makeovers and historically accurate repairs for older homes.