Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood Floor Installation

hardwood flooring

Sunshine Hardwood Flooring offers quality wood floor installation in Boise and Meridian, ID. Below are the National Wood Flooring Association guidelines that we religiously follow in every project that we handle.

  1. Adequate acclimation of a floor – The flooring material MUST be installed at environmental conditions that mirror your normal living conditions, especially the temperature. Acclimation in your garage is a big mistake.
  2. Quality milling – The accuracy of milling on a hardwood floor is essential to avoid seasonal gaps and loose boards over time.
  3. Cleats or staples – The species of material can be greatly impacted by the type of fastener. Staples are prone to split dense exotic materials. If you are installing a material such as an exotic wood floor ask about this point.
  4. Glue down installation – proper installation of a floor that is being glued down quite often requires the use of sand bags to insure thorough adhesion.
  5. Plank floors (3-1/4” or wider) – it is industry standard to glue and nail all plank wood flooring 5” and wider in order to properly secure the wood flooring to the subfloor. We recommend that all wood floors wider than 3-1/4” be glued and nailed into place.
  6. Serviceability – If you purchase many materials from uneducated suppliers they will not address how many times you can refinish the floor and if it is even possible. Get the most value for your money.

For full NWFA technical guidelines please click the following link.

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Sunshine Hardwood Flooring is a wood flooring contractor in Ada County that specializes in hardwood floor installation, dustless hardwood floor refinishing, custom wood floor makeovers and historically accurate repairs for older homes.